Stable to Stirrup

Stable to Stirrup

We interviewed Trust Administrator Haylee McNoe and Operations Manager Ginny Dunmill to find out a bit more about this awesome charity…

What does Stable to Stirrup do?

We facilitate the rehoming of standardbred horses as they come off the track and are
retired from racing. Our program sees the horses transition from racing stable, to starting
under saddle, then to a new home when they are ready. Every horse has an initial assessment for health, behaviour, and rideability in order to gain entry into the program. The horse is then given a period time in turn out to ‘come down’ from their racing career. On second assessment the horse is transported to our facility where it begins the training program. After a period of 8-10 weeks – sometimes longer – the horse is evaluated and if ready it is listed for rehoming.

How did you get involved with Stable to Stirrup?

Everyone who is involved with STS has a passion for horses and the racing industry, and part of this passion is ensuring that these horses have the best chance at a life after racing.

What is your proudest/most memorable moment with Stable to Stirrup?

Every day is full of proud and memorable moments. Seeing a horse successfully reach important milestones in their training program, enabling them to find great new homes for their new chapter in life after racing, these are the moments that make it all worthwhile.

What’s next for STS?

We are in a new phase of life as an organisation and at this time the focus is on getting the new team up and running, and building and developing new relationships with key stakeholders. Our long-term goal is to expand with a second facility in the South, and then one in the North.

Favourite fragrance?

While we love the smells of hay, horses, and leather, we aren’t sure this could successfully be bottled!  All of us here at the facility love the smell of Apple and Cinnamon -think ‘freshly baked muffins!’