New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust

We are proud to support New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust. The primary purpose of New Zealand Horse Ambulance Trust is to operate a national fleet of horse ambulances, equipped with support and recovery equipment to assist in the provision of critical care to horses injured while competing in equine sports.

NZ Horse Ambulance Trust

We spoke to Jo Starr from NZHAT to find out more about the amazing charity.

What does NZHAT do?

The Trust’s mission is to promote and protect equine welfare, and to assist the wellbeing of New Zealand’s horses by ensuring our response is of the highest standard. We work closely with equine veterinarians, attending all thoroughbred racing and trials, harness races, equestrian events. We also assist with patient transfers for equine hospitals or vet clinics and the SPCA.

How did you get involved with NZHAT?

I saw a TV story about the horse ambulance and contacted the Chair to offer my help with communications as I couldn’t find much about it online. That was in November 2019, and the volunteer role kept growing as the Trust moved from fundraising for capital to operating as a service. I became a permanent employee in January 2022.

What is your proudest moment with NZHAT?

The #CompleteTheFleet Givealittle campaign in 2021 was incredible as so many people in the racing industry and equestrian sports got involved, and together we raised over $100,000 for a ninth horse ambulance.

What’s next for NZHAT?

We want to attend more Equestrian Sports NZ events at no cost to the organising committee and participants, so we are working to secure operational funding to do this.

Favourite fragrance?

Black Caviar Honour candle with its floriental notes